Previously a used car showroom and sales centre, this building was converted into a centre for a branch of the Hindu community to worship, learn, observe key events in the religious calendar and celebrate festivals together.... Read more

Shree Prajapati Association

Formerly an industrial site, this building is the current venue for some of Leicester’s Hindu communities to come together in prayer and celebration. The building underwent Phase 1 of development which consisted of an internal refurbishment and Phase 2 to... Read more


A vegetarian restaurant created from a section of the neighbouring Pizza Parlour, this vibrant dining experience involved full interior design as well as internal and external signage and branding. The owners have since rebranded the restaurant as Wok Indo.... Read more


Previously an unappealing and dated property, now transformed into a vibrant and stunning family home, inside and out. The innovative angled cladding gives the front façade a unique and jaw-dropping street presence, further emphasised at night by the strip lighting... Read more


Previously rather a bland façade at the front and rear, the property now presents an inviting frontage with a new porch and garage door, whilst at the rear, a ground floor extension provides the additional kitchen and living space that... Read more


Originally an unusual property, this house underwent a dramatic transformation that now justifies its prominent corner plot. Stepping windows and cladding on the front extension follow the staircase, offering views of the street and nearby park. Illuminated decking at the... Read more