V+A Bathroom

Here was our entry into a bathroom design competition held by Victoria + Albert Baths with aim of showcasing and celebrating the source material of volcanic limestone. The winning design would be constructed in a European exhibition. Inspired by the V+A Baths story, we journeyed to the origins of volcanic limestone and the natural physical processes involved in creating the raw material for V+A Quarrycast products. Capturing the drama and complexity of a volcanic eruption, a 3D river of lava flows through the room forming a vividly backlit lava crust floor onto which a stunning ‘Cabrits’ bath sits, perfectly demonstrating the contrasting transformation of the original limestone into the luxurious elegance of a V+A bath. Soft red and blue LED lights follow the lava path along the walls. Illuminating the entire scene is a fragmented volcanic limestone ceiling traced with warm white LED edge lighting. The striking lighting effects are reflected in the warmth and strength of V+A’s beautiful volcanic limestone products.